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Effective January 1, eBook Architects will be closing our Austin office as we transition away from eBook development services and re-focus on tools, teaching, and consulting work. Our core staff, myself included, will continue our work within the Firebrand organization, and FlightDeck, our ground-breaking EPUB testing and validation tool, will remain in active development.

When I started eBook Architects in 2008 there were few eBook development options for authors and small publishers that did not involve HTML coding or dealing with the consistently bad quality of the few tools available. Since its beginning, eBook Architects has been promoting the creation of the highest quality eBook files through professional development services, training, and teaching at industry workshops, and through the tools we have released and supported, like Incrementor and FlightDeck. Our acquisition by Firebrand last year brought us under the umbrella of a solid, respected publishing software and service provider with the same passion we have for the quality of eBooks and for our customers.

Over the last few years, the eBook world has been evolving in big ways. Our industry has seen a plateau in eBook sales, the release of a number of DIY and professional eBook creation tools, and consistent increases in the quality of eBook development by a few of the many low-cost overseas eBook creation companies. These changes have made it increasingly difficult for eBook Architects to continue to offer eBook creation services here in the U.S. with the high level of customer service we have always provided and our heavy focus on quality eBook coding.

So, the time for transition has come. We will discontinue our eBook development services, and re-focus efforts on the important tasks of consulting, training, and developing tools like FlightDeck. Our mission of encouraging the entire industry to develop higher-quality eBooks that can stand the test of time and impact readers everywhere will not change.

eBook Architects lives on! I am excited that eBook Architects will continue to be a resource for publishers and authors and a voice for the creation of high-quality eBook files, regardless of how they are created. We will continue to attend and speak at industry conferences, and are available to help publishers and authors with advice, quality assurance, training, and brainstorming. Please do not hesitate to contact me anytime if we can assist you in any way, and be on the lookout for some great things to come down the road.

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