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Sorry for the long hiatus… Things are really busy here at eBA!

Just wanted to give my thoughts on the updates released in KindleGen 2.5 today. The release notes include more items, but these are the ones that are most important to me:

Improved transparent PNG conversion: Transparent PNG images (now converted to JPEG) will use white background. This originally used black background during conversion causing degraded reading experience.
While not an update to support transparent PNG, this is definitely an improvement from a development standpoint. Now at least we don’t have to create separate JPGs or flatten our PNGs when building Kindle files.

Resolved indentation issues in Mobi7 related to bullets and numbered lists. This was due to usage of “margin-left” CSS property with bullets and numbered lists. In Mobi7, the margin-left property is being ignored for bullets and numbered lists. The margin-left CSS property will continue to be preserved in KF8.
This has been a big issue for us when developing non-fiction Kindle files. Hopefully B&N follows suit and updates their system to allow lists with 10 or more elements…

CSS property display: none no longer induces an additional space in Mobi7 for inline tags.
Peter over at Extraordinary Commons should be even happy about this than I am.

Resolved conversion failure when dc:Language tag in OPF has attributes (ex: id attribute).
This has been annoying Toby for a while. We include IDs in all of our metadata attributes for ePub and Kindle OPF files.

Overall, this is a nice maintenance update. It is always great to see Amazon (and anyone else!) actively working on support for features and bugs that developers need. Keep on sending them suggestions!

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