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We use many open source tools in our day-to-day operations here at eBook Architects; tools like Gimp, Inkscape, Perl, and Python form integral parts of our process and allow us to keep our costs down. To say thanks, eBook Architects has been looking for ways to give back to the open source community, such as assisting in the launch of the #ePrdctn Wiki and by maintaining and spreading great tools like epub-applescripts and kindlegen-drop-app. We hope that these tools and resources are as useful in your eBook development as they are in ours.

The foundation of any good coding operation is the code editor you use. We recently switched to a code editor called Sublime Text 2, a cross-platform program with a dedicated developer, a consistent upgrade schedule, a large community of other users, and an impressively flexible and adjustable interface and feature set. There are a few things that our old editor allowed us to do that Sublime does not  have built-in, but we were able to code replacement functions in Sublime, keeping the developer learning curve during our switch-over down to a bare minimum.

Today we are releasing one of those new features, a  Sublime Text 2 plugin called The Incrementor, into the open source world! This little tool allows you to do common tasks like re-numbering the PlayOrder values in an NCX file quickly and easily. To download or learn more about The Incrementor visit our Github page.

Major kudos go to the coding team here at eBook Architects (TobyChris, and AJ) for their hard work on this Sublime switch over and the Incrementor plugin.

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